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Here is another quick resource for practicing midnfulness. It's called "dropping anchor." This can be done anywhere, at any time, in nearly any circumstance. It is a simple exercise to center yourself and connect with the world around you. Practice it throughout the day, especially any time you find yourself getting caught up in your thoughts and feelings.

  1. Plant your feet into the floor.

  2. Push them down – notice the floor beneath you, supporting you.

  3. Notice the muscle tension in your...

In honor of Valentine's Day, this week's Mindfulness Mondays post will show how mindfulness can be used to increase self-compassion. Mindfulness encourages us to deal kindly with our selves – with gentleness rather than with judgement. Dr. Kristin Neff has done some wonderful work in the sphere of self-compassion. Here is a mindfulness exercise modeled after some of her self-compassion work:

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and settle into the position in which you are sitting. Allow your...

Dialectical means two things that seem contrary can be true at the same time. I can feel both happy and sad. I can hate treatment and know that I need it. Circumstances can be hard and good. Dialectical means using “both, and” instead of “but, or.” I can acknowledge my present circumstances AND work towards more valued living. I can make decisions based on emotion AND logic. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic modality that explores these perceived dichotomies. 

Many p...

The research is in and the verdict is consistent: gratitude has numerous benefits. It reduces anxiety, improves relationships, increases the reported experiences of happiness, etc. But you don't have to trust the research, the best way to know if gratitude would be a valuable addition to your life is to try it! This week I have included a mindfulness exercise for practicing the skill of gratitude: 

Gratitude Mindfulness Meditation

Close your eyes or bring them gently to the floor, whatever feels m...

Being more present in the new year is a common new year’s resolution. We hear it all the time, but what does it mean? And how do we do it? What benefits accompany the development of this skill?

What’s the big deal about being present?

This post introduces the series “Mindfulness Mondays,” where we will take a look at some practical ideas for accomplishing the goal of being more present. Mindfulness offers benefits in nearly every area of life and health. It has been a source of many scientific stu...

As we arrive at the third post in Purpose Month, we come armed with a better understanding of life values and how to set goals in light of those stated values.

Today’s post is a reminder that this work is not perfect and often takes some trial and error. That’s expected. Giving yourself grace in this process will help you to be more purposeful in the choosing of your values and sometimes the re-choosing.

Trial and error is one of the most memorable and formidable forms of learning that we have. Sc...

Last week’s post was all about identify top life values – one of my favorite ways of establishing more purpose and direction in life. If you missed last week, I encourage you to go back to it before moving on to this week. Once our values are identified, we can know with certainty that our purposed goals are taking us in the direction of our values.

I have heard it said that values help us to know the direction in which we are headed, for instance they tell us that we are going east. You can go e...

I’ve got to say, peace month with you all was a blast. I followed along as I posted and really spent the month thinking about and incorporating intentional efforts to cultivate more peace in my life. I’m especially loving mindfulness and yoga and have made special efforts to get outside more often. 

The first week of purpose month has us exploring one of my favorite therapeutic concepts (I know I say that a lot, but it’s actually TRUE). This week we will spend some time clarifying values.

Values w...

We have arrived at the final week of peace month! I hope you have learned something(s) that is valuable for bringing more peace into your life. Would love to hear about what your favorite week of the series was and how you are using the information to bring about more peace.

Today we will talk about how getting into the great outdoors can result in increased peacefulness.

A 2015 Stanford research study revealed that those who walked in nature experienced less anxiety and rumination, and more posit...

April 24, 2018

Are you guys yogis yet?

We have made it to week 4 of Peace Month. This week the topic is creativity.

This week we will discover how creative expression leads to more peacefulness. 

Much of coping involves participating so fully in skill that it allows us to forget about time. The meditative qualities of yoga and mindfulness - which we have discussed in the weeks prior - absorb attention. Creative expression does something similar, providing a mental vacation from the hectic stress and to-do lists o...

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