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Spiritual Health During Covid-19 Outbreak

The current pandemic has impacted nearly every area of life. We know it's impacting physical health; we know it's impacting mental and emotional health, but one area that has not been talked about as much is how the Covid-19 outbreak is impacting spiritual health. For some, the current global crisis has challenged their faith. They feel let down, anxious - they are mourning and they are wondering where God is in the current state of affairs. For some, this has caused them to slow down and consider faith and spirituality for the first time. What do I want to believe and hold onto when everything else seems to fall away? Many are separated from their faith community. Many are trying to encourage the friends and family in their life that "everything will be okay" and then crying alone in isolation. For many, spirituality is part of their purpose, their mission, and so many are currently feeling disconnected from their ministry to varying degrees.

We know we need to care for our physical health right now. We know we need to care for our mental and emotional health right now, but how do we make sure that our spiritual health isn't neglected during this time?

1. Consider how you normally connect to your spiritual faith. Sit down and make a list of when you feel most connected to the spiritual part of your life. Examples: When at my place of worship, when reading holy scripture, when in nature, with my friends, with my children, listening to spiritual music, praying, volunteering in the community, etc. Review the list. Notice which ones you can still do and which ones you are currently disconnected from.

2. Notice which parts of this current pandemic are stirring your heart most greatly and use this as a compass for how you can help people. Are you feeling most concerned about health care workers, the elderly, small business owners, single people living alone? Use this concern, this grief, as fuel for loving, compassionate action.

3. Use this time to learn and grow. Right now you may feel like you have more questions than answers. That is absolutely okay. In fact, that is a beautiful place to begin to seek learning and growth. Listen to sermons via podcasts and video services, read books that speak to your soul, listen to music that culivates peace. Don't fear the questions, but lean into them.

4. Talk to God. With increased quiet, increased stillness - it is a wonderful time for prayer. Consider what it's like to be able to talk to God in all times, at any time.

5. Talk to people you trust. With so many going through a very similarly difficult time at the very same time, now is a great time to reach out to a friend or family member whose spirituality you admire and share what you are feeling. Lean on one another. It's more important now than ever before.

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