Recovery from an eating disorder is a true challenge, but not as painful as continuing to experience a life marred by the pain, broken relationships, and self-hatred that an eating disorder often inflicts. Society reinforces many factors that can contribute to the development of an eating disorder: dieting, perfectionism, body image distress, and a focus on unrealistic appearance ideals. Often eating disordered behaviors - such as restriction, calorie counting, over-exercising, bingeing, purging – are attempts at avoiding difficult emotions and circumstances. For the last several years, I have dedicated myself to the treatment and care of individuals struggling with eating disorders of all types. Whether you are just starting your treatment journey, or you have been walking down this road for some time, know that I would love to help you face these difficulties and help to provide you with support, encouragement, acceptance, and skills necessary to aid in recovery. Seeking recovery is one of the bravest things you can do, and wherever you find it, I am so proud of you for doing this work.

Eating Disorders


Anxiety & Depression

Prolonged seasons of anxiety and/or depression can be debilitating. These mood states can take away one’s ability to provide basic care for everyday needs – such as sleeping, eating, bathing and self-care, connecting in social relationships, exercising, working, and resting. Are you constantly feeling drained, overwhelmed, antsy, anguished, and/or fearful? I would love to help you understand your triggers, discover maladaptive patterns, learn unique and personalized coping resources, and begin to practice more self-kindness in the face of these hardships.


Our family members are often the primary and most influential characters in our stories. All families run into obstacles and roadblocks. In these instances, it is helpful to have time together with the focus on strengthening communication, regrouping, expressing care, having difficult conversations, receiving the perspective of an objective third party, and setting appropriate boundaries. Together we can access the gifts already within your family and strengthen areas of growth. We will identify family goals, set plans for how to achieve those goals, and find compromises that leave families feeling more united in the pursuit of similar values - instead of feeling disconnected and frustrated.


Life Transitions

Transitions are difficult and can bring up many confusing, scary, and unsettling emotions. Walking through a lifetime on Earth, change is certain and – in most cases – quite frequent. Life change – even positive change – affects individuals in significant and uniquely individual ways. As life shifts, we sort through what is remaining and decide what is important to take with us into the next stage of life. Every change offers an opportunity to make intentional decisions about the future.


Biblical Counseling

For individuals whose Christian faith is a value and something that would be important in the total understanding of who you are, Christian counseling can be offered upon request. I earned my Master’s or Arts Degree in Biblical Counseling through Dallas Theological Seminary, which - in addition to all the state-regulated requirements for becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor – includes an extra year of Biblical and Theological Studies, and Spiritual Formation. I would love the opportunity to help you feel anchored to your faith amid life’s raging waters.