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Reminders During Times of Crisis and Change

  1. Limit your media intake. Yes, the desire to want to know what’s going on in the world and to have the

latest information is valid, and important even. AND the air is heavy right now and we are being inundated with information. Find a source you trust, check in with it, and then give yourself breaks to put down the phone, turn off the TV and do things that feel good, healthy, and happy for you. Trust yourself right now, too. Trust that you know when you’ve taken in too much and need to step away. Can also be helpful to pick specific times to check the news, and challenge yourself to not check it in between.

  1. Change and uncertainty is difficult. It just is. There’s no getting around that or avoiding that. Give yourself grace and space. Talk to your support system. The good news is that right now they likely get it and are feeling it, too. Good time to connect over a shared experience and shared thoughts and feelings.

  2. Find ways to add in “normalcy” and structure. Get ready in the morning. Make your bed. Water the garden. Eat three balanced meals. Snuggle your pets. Create a schedule in the morning or the night before. Use it to attempt to find some normalcy and give yourself grace when it doesn’t always go as planned, everyone is trying to create new systems during this time.

  3. Think about what you want to value during this time. Connection? Mindfulness? Love? Gratitude? Peace? Family? Giving? Slowing down? What do you want to value during this time?

  4. Practice self-care. Get creative with your self-care options. Another piece of good news is that there are so many ways to care for yourself from home. Check in with friends via electronic avenues. Take a bath. Practice yoga. Meditate. Journal. Pray. Draw.

  5. Consider mantras/verses/sayings that you can return to as your emotions change and fluctuate during this time. Some helpful ones might be:

  • “Stay open”

  • “Inhale, exhale”

  • “One moment at a time”

  • “We can do hard things”

  • “I am committed to practicing grace with myself”

  • “This too will pass”

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