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DBT - Dealing with Overwhelm

Rest – Often rest is the first thing to go when in seasons of overwhelm. However, this is unfortunate because what we need most in these seasons is rest. Fatigue lowers effectiveness and wisdom in decision making. Often rest results in new perspective and the renewing of important mental and emotional resources.

Trust yourself – Often you know more about what you need than you are giving yourself credit for. Get quiet and mindful and allow yourself the space to hear from yourself.

Prioritize – Decipher what is realistic. Consider deadlines/urgency as well as what is most important and valuable in choosing the order of where to give your priority.

Minimize – Release perfectionism for the sake of asking yourself what is realistic. What would be doable if you were tired or sick. Anything else is extra. Celebrate small victories.

Be creative – Consider alternative solutions. Create systems and problem solve, delegate.

One thing mindfully – Focus on one thing at a time.

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