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CBT - Challenging Unhelpful Thought Patterns

See previous post to learn how to identify automatic unhelpful thinking patterns:

Now that you can identify them, you can begin to challenge them. One way to challenge automatic negative thinking is to journal the thought and ask some critical questions related to workability and helpfulness. Workability is the principle of answering whether these thoughts bring you toward or away from valued living. The purpose is to further evaluate how these thoughts impact feelings and behaviors.

Automatic Negative Thought:

Is it true? Can I absolutely prove that it’s true? What is the evidence for this believe? What is the evidence against?

Who am I when I believe this thought?

How would I respond if someone else voiced this thought?

Is this belief/thought truly mine or born from messages received (by others, media, etc)?

Does this thought lead me toward or away from valued living and who I want to be?

What price do I pay for operating from this thought? What do I miss out on?

How can I create a statement that is more true and more helpful? (Better at leading me toward what I value.)

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