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Pandemic Mindfulness Exercise

Use this script with yourself or - together with the people in your home - have one person read it for you all:

Settle into a comfortable position. Eyes closed or to the floor, whatever feel most comfortable to you. Begin by noticing your breathing. On the inhale, say in your mind, “I am here.” On the exhale, repeat in your mind, “I am here.”

Inhale “I am here.” Exhale “I am here.”

Connect with one of your senses: smell, touch, or hearing. Notice what you can experience through these senses to ground here, in this moment, in this work.

Now bring to mind a value you want to focus on today. Bring that value to mind. Imagine the word out in front of you: Love, Connection, Peacefulness, Purpose, Courage, Hope, Inspiration, etc. Choose a value you want to focus on today. Picture it so clearly out in front of you that you give it a font, a color, a size, a texture. On your inhales breathe in the value. And on your exhales release any potential obstacles: Anxiety, Fear, Uncertainty, Stress, Perfectionism. Release these obstacles and let them fall to the floor, you don’t need them any more, they’re not serving you.

Now one at a time, bring to mind people you want to send love and peace to. Imagine their faces one at a time and send love and peace to them. Family members, friends, co-workers, as many who come to mind. But don’t put pressure on yourself to think of everyone, just as the faces come to mind, send love and peace to them. A part for now in location, we are still connected in love.

Now, send the same love and peace to yourself. Imagine it filling your whole body. Beginning with your feet, and slowly reaching up towards your head. Deep inhales and deep exhales.

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