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Mental Health Care During the Holidays

This is time of year is often very busy. You may be studying for finals, packing up the dorm room, traveling, and wrapping presents nearly all at the same time. You may be juggling work, holiday performances, baking cookies for your kids' teachers, decorating the house, and hosting out-of-town guests. Wherever the holidays have you this year and whatever responsibilities they seem to be adding to your list, one thing is pretty universal: this time of year is busy and it's easy to fill your time with to-dos in an anxious, hurried fashion with the pressure of perfection weighing on you.

This year, consider taking some time to care for your mental health. Practicing compassion and gentleness for yourself may help you to be more present for what is most valuable this time of year: faith, family, peace, compassion, service, purpose.

Try doing the opposite of the busy, hurried, perfectionistic pace that can offen feel most "natural" this time of year - instead slowing down, creating space for deep breathing, sleeping, watching a holiday movie, practicing yoga, meditating, meeting with your therapist, challenging perfectionism, taking time for things like journaling and reflecting. Notice if these practices impact the way you approach the holidays, change the way you speak to yourself and others, strengthen your ability to be in the moment. Make sure this holiday that you - and your mental heath - are not lost in the shuffle.

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

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