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The 10th Step - Self-Inventory, Using this Step in ED Recovery

I recently participated in a continuing education opportunity where the topic was how to utilize some of the 12-step strategies in the treatment of Eating Disorders. Alcoholics Anonymous is a pillar in the recovery community. The work of the 12-steps to help individuals gain lasting recovery from alcohol and drugs has been invaluable.

The 10th step of the 12-step program is self-inventory. It's a daily/regular inventory one does with oneself to assess how he/she is doing and what might be valued actions for rectifying any uncovered difficulties experienced. This got me thinking about putting together a self-inventory similar to that used for the AA 12-step program, but for those in recovery from Eating Disorders.

Here it is:

Eating Disorder Treatment Inventory

(Based on the 10th step of the 12th steps – Self-Inventory)

Have I been:

Resentful – of who/what?

Selfish – how?

Dishonest – how?

Fearful – of what?

Am I obsessing about anything?

Am I keeping secrets?

Have I caused any harm? Do I owe any apologies?

Recovery Checklist (in the last week have I…):

- Practiced a coping skill, this one:

- Followed my prescribed meal plan

- Practiced food freedom, how:

- Lived out a value, which one/how:

- Met with my therapist and/or dietitian

- Helped someone else pursue recovery

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