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Purposeful Journaling Series: Art Journaling

Art journaling is a wonderful way to express yourself creatively. There are no rules! You can draw, paint, or collage with magazine clippings. Create visual art to represent your day, your feelings, or your thoughts, to represent some favorite song lyrics or quotes – the sky is the limit!

Resist the urge to question whether you are doing it right or well – shift perspective to presence, to breathing, to expression. This is an excellent place to challenge the inner critic and resist the urge for perfectionism. Instead asking yourself – is this enjoyable? Do I feel relief? Or peace? Do I notice deeper insight? Do I feel more ready to face the rest of the day after taking this time to be in artistic expression?

This can also be an excellent way to dream, plan and create vision for the future. Art journal can help you approach “ordinary” tasks in an fresh, artistic way – creating visions for how you want to organize the house, spend money, grow your business, parent.

Experiment using different tools – paints, pens, magazines, newspaper, construction paper, etc – and in different settings – outside, in bed, in an office, etc. Notice how these varying factors change your art journaling and how they may inspire different aspects to grow and come to life in the expression.

Again, this may be something you decide to keep to yourself or share and verbally process with a loved one or therapist. There are lots of options for deepening this practice and making it a part of your self-care/coping practice!

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