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Purposeful Journaling Series: Emotion, Triggers, Coping, Effectiveness

This exercise is a quick and helpful way to check in with yourself and to gather valuable data about the internal experience.

First, identify the emotion(s) you are feeling in the present moment. A feelings wheel may be helpful for identification purposes.

Second, jot down what triggers led to these emotions. Try to notice fully what factors may be contributing to these emotions in the present. For instance, you may immediately recognize that an argument with your partner led to these feelings of loneliness and anger, but as you consider more fully, you may also notice that poor sleep the night before and being hungry were additional vulnerability factors.

Third, identify coping mechanisms that might be helpful in the moment for processing or responding to identified emotions. Go practice one of the coping resources.

Finally, return to rate the effectiveness. For example, prior to practicing some yoga I was experiencing anger at an intensity of 6 out of 10. Now I feel it at about a 4 out of 10.

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