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Purposeful Journaling Series: Four On-going Lists

There are four on-going lists which make for wonderful additions of any journaling practice: lifelines, prayers, gratitudes, and support system.

The list of lifelines contains a person’s most affective forms of coping and self-care. It answers the question of what to do when struggling. They are tried-and-true self-soothe skills. All have been used and have proven to be affective. Different skills help different people. This is not a place to simply list skills, but to list the ones that you have seen to be most helpful for you. It’s helpful to have a list for accessibility as these skills can be very difficult to remember when intense emotions emerge.

The list of prayers contains prayers that come to mind either in one setting or throughout the day/week/season. This is an important reminder to reflect on how God has answered and provided.

The list of gratitudes helps to focus perspective on

what you are thankful for, what you have versus ​

​what you are lacking.

The list of individuals in your support system helps to have a reminder of who to reach out to when you are struggling. Again, when intense emotions emerge it can be difficult to recall members of your support system. Having a list on hand helps to provide more easy access in times of need.

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