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Purposeful Journaling Series: Messages from my Healthy Self

It is not at all uncommon to have days/moments when you feel more connected to your healthy self and to have other days/moments when you feel more connected to intrusive thoughts (anxiety, OCD, depression, Eating Disorder, addictive, perfectionistic/self-critical etc).

In the healthy moments it can be difficult to remember what unhealth feels like and to minimize it and in the moments of battling intrusive thoughts, it can be difficult to recall what health and authenticity felt like.

This is where “messages from my healthy self” comes in. During those moments when you are feeling more connected to your healthy, authentic self, write down your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your values – anything that might be important to remember on the more difficult days. It can be in letter form or in short blurbs, like an ongoing list. It is important to take note of what helps you to strengthen connection to your most authentic, most healthy self.

Happy healing, healthy selves!

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