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Mindfulness Mondays, Week 6: Mindfulness in Nature

There is a way to combine two wonderful coping resources – mindfulness and nature – and that is through meditative walks.

In a walking meditation, the meditator utilizes his or her sense to be fully present in the moment. I’ve mentioned this before, but research shows that 95 percent of what we are anxious about does not exist in the present moment. These anxieties are related to our past and to our future. Here in lies the real power of mindfulness. Taking even small breaks to be fully present allow us to significantly reduce our experiences with anxiety.

During a walk today, practice drawing your attention fully to your sense – what you smell, what you see, what you hear. Practice training your mind to draw fully from the present moment. Notice afterwards how your body feels to have taken a break from the usual thoughts about the past and the future. Notice if your body feels more at peace.

Happy Mindfulness Monday!

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