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Engaging in Trial and Error

As we arrive at the third post in Purpose Month, we come armed with a better understanding of life values and how to set goals in light of those stated values.

Today’s post is a reminder that this work is not perfect and often takes some trial and error. That’s expected. Giving yourself grace in this process will help you to be more purposeful in the choosing of your values and sometimes the re-choosing.

Trial and error is one of the most memorable and formidable forms of learning that we have. Scientists have known this for ages, but in “real life” this can be scary.

It takes humility to understand that we do not have a perfect understanding of the world around us, of ourselves, of others. It takes humility and curiosity and vulnerability. These are integral tools for approaching life with openness and assessing and re-assessing one’s values.

So, thinking about the goals you set last week, know that they were made with intention and purpose and are therefore meaningful and important. But also know that goals can change. Accomplish the goals you set for the week, and then at the end of the week take a moment to look back and assesses whether those goals are still important to you, if they hit the mark and/or the need that you were aiming for.

Set next week’s goals in light of this reflection, this trial and error. As we approach most things, I hope we approach self-improvement and growth with a real sense of grace and self-compassion.

Until next time – be purposeful!

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