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Mindfulness Mondays, Week 8: Minding Your Values

If you have been following along, you have heard me share about the importance of identifying your top life values. (If you haven’t: Welcome! So happy to have you hear! Feel free to peruse some previous posts on values to practice this importance skill.)

Today we will combine the mindfulness work and the values work.

As always, take a relaxed stance. Eyes to the floor or closed, whatever feels most comfortable to you. Feet flat against the ground. Your back against a chair or wall.

Call to mind one of your top life values. For instance, courage.

Bring your awareness to a visualization of the word “courage” (or whatever is one of your top values) out in front of you. Think of what color, shape, style, and texture it would have. On your inhale imagine breathing it into your body and filling up every corner – head to toe.

Do this with each of your top values.

Exhale any obstacles that at times interfere with you living your true, authentic, values-oriented life. Let those obstacles fall to the floor. They no longer serve you.

Notice at the end how you might feel differently than you did when you started. Practice this as often as you need it throughout the day.

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